G O T U S  2

G O T U S 2

NuWorld is a Chicago based music collective. The 6-member group is the home to rap artists Kayo, Flood, Bel-Air, Elijah LeFlore, D. Roe, and Simmy Auto. The group was founded in 2010, by Bel-Air and Flood, who, along with being blood brothers, were then a rap duo, “AK-47.”

Shortly after the addition of Elijah LeFlore, D. Roe and Auto, the group sought to bring on a 6th member. After hearing the work he had been doing on his own, Kayo became that 6th pick, forming the now supergroup. Since then, they have released a little over 10 projects collectively, including a group album entitled, ‘GOTUS’ (Grinding Over Time Until Success) and are currently working on the second installment to the GOTUS series, ‘GOTUS 2: NUWORLD FOREVER’. In the world of music, NuWorld is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and most importantly, a household favorite in their hometown. 


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